PlannerCon Europe is organised & hosted by Mella Pieper and an amazing team of (planner and non-planner) people.

Meet the amazing team that is working hard to create an unforgettable experience for you!

Mella Pieper (Calliopen)

Planning since the age of 13, it'll be 20 years since Mella received her first Filofax for her birthday in 1997 (thank you, mom!). It set off a fascination and a passion that would continue throughout her life and career, leading her to wonderful friendships and professional collaborations. After about ten years of corporate life in HR & communications, she now owns and runs her own communication agency (Calliopen Creative Communication).

She lives in Antwerp with her husband & is the mother of a 10yo son, a 8yo stepson and a 6yo stepdaughter. Yes, they have planners and notebooks too.

Besides the obvious addiction to planners and claiming her planner-purchases are 'research', she is a bit of a gadgetfreak as well. In a former life, she was a make-up artist and gave international trainings for a make-up company.

Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/_moremella 

Lukas Soels de Witterzée (Soels.be)

Lukas has an extensive background in both the corporate world and the art scene, as a business owner, networker, negotiator and purchasing manager. He is the 'business-eye' in the PlannerCon project, handling the contracts, negotiations and business contacts both locally and internationally. 

He lives in Antwerp with Mella and their kids, he is NOT a planner-freak ('yet!', you can hear Mella shout in the background) but he has embraced Mella's quirks and passions and is a great instigator and supporter for her to pursue her dreams.

You won't find him in the spotlight at PlannerCon Europe, but he'll be the one in the background making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Marie-Hélène Dibenedetto (Moondust)

Marie-Helene has been working in marketing for 18 years. Interestingly, 18 is also the amount of planners she will admit owning (but we think it might be more).

She owns and runs belgian based Social Media Agency Moondust, which helps national and international clients with their social media strategy and management. She is the voice behind all PlannerCon Europe's social media channels. 

Have a look at her Instagram feed on www.instagram.com/moondustagency!

Steve Morton (Philofaxy)

Steve is a retired specialist radio engineer who in a previous life concerned himself with Radio Spectrum Management and the Principles and Practice of Multi-frequency Telegraphy, none of which really help him today! 

Now retired from paid employment and living in France since 2010, Steve now devotes his time and energy to helping individuals and companies across the full spectrum of paper planner types and formats. He is a major contributor to the Philofaxy blog, a co-host of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Plannerverse podcast, the founder of Travellers Notebook Times, and a guest contributor to many other planner blogs and sites. 

Steve is also a keen amateur photographer and given his previous experience in radio engineering he is interested in most areas of technology.

You will find him on the net at: 

Wendy Noordhuis (Scrapworld)

Wendy is a self-employed entrepreneur in the world of craft, scrapbooking, planners and all things paper. Her shop Scrapworld is full of everything you might need and definitely want to get your creativity on and is one of the biggest craft stores in the Netherlands.

After a successful career in childcare as the manager of a large daycare center, she started working as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and build a network of friends and colleagues from all over the world. As Wendy really enjoyed working in a field which is also her hobby, she decided to expand her horizon and took the first steps for her growing business in 2015.

Her growing collection of planners is a sight to behold and she plans (ha!) to stop only when she has found her perfect one.

Wendy lives with her engineering husband and nine year old son in Almere, who are frequent helpers in her well-stocked store.

More information:

Katie & Liselotte (Plansterdam)

In 2016, Katie and Liselotte organised Plansterdam, the first European planner meet: 60 planner enthusiasts from all over the world came together in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to share their love for planners and stationery. With 2000 items packed, 1000+ social media posts shared, a very low overhead, almost € 25.000 sponsoring in kind, 80 planners stacked, and tons of smiles and happy dances, the meet was a big success and all gained 59 friends!

Music educator and singer by day and self-confessed stationery addict by night (and day!), Katie has really enjoyed seeing the European stationery community grow and grow and can't wait to see what PlannerCon will bring!

Architect by day, planner by night, Liselotte loves all things design and paper. The amazing Plansterdam-experience motivated her to set up an Etsy shop, the lizzu papers, for colourful inserts for ringbound and TN planners.

Find them at: