Tickets available today!

Today, Friday the 14th of April, at 10 AM CET, our tickets are available for purchase!

The early bird tickets cost 199 € for the first 200 tickets, and 229 € after that. Payment is possible with Paypal only.

A ticket gives you access to PlannerCon Europe for two days and includes all fees, taxes and handling costs. It entitles you to a personalised badge printed for you at the door and our fabulous goodie bag! PLUS - some extra surprises we'll announce along the way.

Over the next weeks, we'll announce our speakers and workshops. There will be something for everyone: we've got local and international speakers who will teach you about journaling, personal development, the history of their brand, their own planner journey, and how to start YOUR journey by setting personal goals for yourself. There will be practical workshops organised by our sponsors, that you can also attend at no extra cost!

Please read the Q&A page on our website if you have any additional questions about purchasing tickets.

We hope to see you all in October!


The PCE Team

Mella Pieper