Erin Condren is our keynote speaker!

We're thrilled to announce that Erin Condren is the keynote speaker for PlannerCon Europe!

Erin needs no introduction - her LifePlanners, stationery and merchandise are well known by every planner-fanatic. We adore her gorgeous colors, designs, lay-outs, stickers, coils (did someone say rose gold?) and personalisation options. Her products are immensely popular in the States, but don't underestimate her European fan base! We are more than excited to see a major brand like hers support PlannerCon Europe and make the trip overseas to spread her planner-joy on this side of the ocean. 

Erin and her team are diamond sponsors for our event and will have a very, VERY big pop-up store where you can shop to your heart's desire. Be sure to bring your LifePlanner(s?) to get her autograph & a picture during the meet & greet as well!

Let's show her just how passionate the European planner community is - be sure to follow her on Instagram (@erincondren), like her page on Facebook and follow her YouTube channel - if you're not doing that already :-)

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Mella Pieper