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Little under three months to go, and we're still at full force - we still have more amazing sponsors up our sleeve we can't wait to tell you about (more planner pop-up shops, anyone?), the existing line-up of brands is already both a dream (for getting to know these amazing companies) and a nightmare (well, for our wallets!)... 

As for our program (you can find the available information under 'schedule' in the menu at the top of the page): today we're telling you a bit more about some of our fabulous speakers at PCE!

  Theresa Hall

Theresa Hall

You already knew Theresa Hall is flying in from the USA to teach two workshops: one about Bullet Journaling, and one about Art Journaling for the Non-Artist. 

  Steve Morton

Steve Morton

Secondly, our very own Steve Morton (the man behind!

Steve is a retired specialist radio engineer who in a previous life concerned himself with Radio Spectrum Management and the Principles and Practice of Multi-frequency Telegraphy, none of which really help him today! 

Now retired from paid employment and living in France since 2010, Steve now devotes his time and energy to helping individuals and companies across the full spectrum of paper planner types and formats. He is a major contributor to the Philofaxy blog, a co-host of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Plannerverse podcast, the founder of Travellers Notebook Times, and a guest contributor to many other planner blogs and sites. 

Steve is also a keen amateur photographer and given his previous experience in radio engineering he is interested in most areas of technology.

He is giving a talk on Saturday about the quest for planner peace: CHOOSING OR DESIGNING YOUR PERFECT PLANNER.

Designing your own planner is to some like a dream come true, but how difficult is it? 

Steve will take you through the steps of designing the perfect planner, highlighting the plus and minus points of the various options. Things to look out for, things you might not have considered, testing the options before you make the final decision. 

Even if you aren't having this 'Perfect Planner' custom made for you, then the talk will help you with choosing the right 'off the shelf' planner as well. 

You will find him on the net at: 

More? OK, here's an amazing lady to close our list for today: Judith Lang. You might know her from her blog (Not Another Filofax Blog) or her highly informative YouTube videos. 

Even as a little girl, Judith was attracted to writing and journaling. She issued a weekly family newspaper that she typed on an antique type writer and later wrote for the school paper, and she filled journal after journal since she was about 9 years old.

Born and raised in Germany, she moved to the Netherlands after high school as an au-pair, studied in Maastricht and stayed. She lives in a small village near Maastricht with her husband and their four children (three girls aged 16, 14 and 13 and a boy aged 11). And of course with two dogs and a cat.

Originally a translator, Judith has been sharing a business for the past 15 years with her husband. She is a certified ACT & Mindfulness trainer and therapist and provides a variety of trainings and workshops for professionals in daycare centers.

In her spare time, Judith loves art journaling, writing, paper crafting, reading, hiking, running and singing.

She will be teaching two workshops: FLOW WRITING and TIME MANAGEMENT WITH GOAL SETTING!

Workshop Flow Writing

Flow Writing is an intuitive writing method that contributes to your personal growth and development. Everybody can do it, you only need pen and paper!

Sometimes our brain is so overfilled with tasks, todo’s, thoughts, ideas, that we either lose track of them or we start to feel overwhelmed. For example: imagine you have this great idea. It’s new, daring and sounds like lots of fun. But you immediately hear those little nagging voices inside your head:

“Forget it, you don’t have the money or time to do that!” or “You want what? You really think you have enough talent to pull that off?”

And so you put those ideas away and let those negative voices win. Such a pity! With Flow Writing you will gain clarity and experience a feeling of freedom from your negative thoughts.

P.S. Bring your favorite notebook and pen!

Workshop Time Management with Goal Setting

As any proper time management course will tell you, you need to carve out time to work towards your goals and dreams. However, many of us have no idea what exactly our goals and dreams are? You will receive helpful tips and fun assignments on how to find out what you value the most in life, and how you want to see this represented in your daily life (cue: your planner).

You can connect with Judith on Social Media through:

MORE inspirational speakers coming soon!

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