Ticket prices & information

Good morning everyone!

I know we've kept you waiting for a while, but there has been SO much going on over the last few weeks! Let me give you a quick update.

PlannerCon USA happened in March - it was AMAZING. It's incredible to see so many planner-positive people (like, 1000!) in one spot - everyone being so happy, cheerful, like-minded, and willing to open up and share to and with total strangers! It was an amazing experience and a great source for ideas and contacts as well.

We're working hard on our ticketing website - the draft is finished but we're adding a few interesting questions for you to answer when purchasing your ticket. This will give us a good idea of what kind of a plannerperson you are, and it will enable us to tailor our choices of vendors and speakers even more! So be ready for a short questionnaire when you buy your ticket.

Ticket sales will be up around mid-april - not that long anymore ;-)

What I can announce you is: the ticket price!

That was also a decision that took us a while - we don't want to charge you 500 € for an entry ticket (hey, you need that money to shop!) but as Europe is quite a bit different from the USA in terms of prices for venues and taxes (21% tax on everything we pay, and 21% off every ticket we sell...) - we also can't sell tickets for 99 € like our fabulous friend in the States can for an event that's double our size. Our lead time between ticket sales and the event is short (6 months) as well.

So we worked out the most interesting price for you, we negociated with our venue, we talked to even more sponsors and I can already tell you that we even have a Diamond sponsor lined up to dazzle you with their amazing product - more on that later...

Tickets will be available for 199 €, including taxes. No hidden fees, taxes, processing charge, or Paypal costs. A ticket grants you access to PlannerCon Europe for 2 days, including our swag bag and all speakers & workshops. We want to be as transparant as possible, so there will be no extra charges at the conference - except for shopping!

Your ticket is also valid for one entry in our planner-raffle, with several fabulous prizes donated by our sponsors!

Payment is possible with Paypal only. Even without a Paypal account you can buy via Paypal with your credit card - go to their website to find out more. Paypal is the safest way to process payments with maximum protection for your creditcard information.

Please note: the prices will go up as time progresses - the first price increase will be on June 1st or whenever the first 200 tickets have been sold. As per Belgian & European legislations, tickets purchased for an event are non-refundable. They are, however, transferable. A FAQ about the tickets will be up on the site by the time they go on sale.

The first details of the program will be made available in April as well - let's just say we have some very interesting people & companies on our shortlist!

Talk to you soon, only 208 days to go!


Mella & the fabulous team of PlannerCon Europe

Mella Pieper