Terms & Conditions 

PlannerCon Europe is hosted by

Ten Dorpelei 73
2640 Mortsel

VAT BE 0680.902.188

By buying a ticket, you accept the following terms and conditions:

All tickets are non-refundable. The super early bird tickets are also non-transferable; specific terms regarding this for other ticket types will be communicated upon release. In case of force majeure (which includes but is not limited to: natural disasters, hostilities, hazardous material danger, terrorism, etc.), the organisers are not at fault and tickets (and other made costs by ticket holder) will not be refunded.
All tickets need to be registered in your own name, as it is shown on your ID or passport; it will be checked at the door if needed. Please be sure to register in the correct name to avoid issues after purchasing.

A specific amount or value of goodies is not guaranteed. Examples of the 2017 goodiebag are for demonstration purposes only, and are not an indication of or promise for the 2019 edition. Our sponsors generously donated to the goodie bag as a means to help you discover and try their line of products. Without their generosity, we would not be able to provide you with such a wonderful selection of swag. So please honour their generosity by NOT selling any swag on before, during or after the event. If you are not using specific items from the goodie bag, spread their kindness by RAKing or donating!

It is mandatory to be physically present at the event on the first day to receive any swag and/or the goodie bag. If you are unable to come to the event, you can not claim back your ticket and/or the value of the goodie bag in any other way. If you are only able to come the second day, please notify Liselotte (liselotte@plannercon.eu) well in advance, so we can try our best to arrange for your goodie bag to remain reserved.

Security & liability
In case of emergency, you will follow the instructions of the security people, the venue staff, the crew and/or the volunteers. If the crew deems your presence a liability to the security of the other guests, or no longer appreciated because of a specific event or incident, they will ask you to leave the event without any compensation whatsoever.
The crew and the staff cannot be held responsible for and are not liable for any injury, theft, damage, loss, etc., before, during or after the event.

Your personal data will be collected (name, first name, e-mail address and country) for the purpose of the tickets and identification at the door only. They are accessible to limited members of crew and staff. They will not be shared with any other party without your explicit permission and they will be deleted from our files after the event.
Pictures will be taken and can be put online; close-up photos of either your person or your personal belongings on our website or social media will be removed upon your request.