PlannerCon Q&A

Q // Where can I buy tickets?

A // You can buy your ticket directly by clicking the 'TICKETS' button in the menu on the top of this website. This is the ONLY place to purchase official tickets.

Q // How much is a ticket?

A // A ticket costs 199€. No hidden fees. Your ticket is valid for entry to the event for two days, speakers, workshops. Early bird discounts may apply.

Q // Can I sell my ticket?

A // Tickets will be transferable until April 1st, but PlannerCon is not responsible for the transaction or the payment: you have to arrange this with a second party yourself. Contact liselotte @ to arrange for the name transfer. IMPORTANT: Super Early Bird Tickets are NOT transferable.

Q // Can I get a refund?

A // All ticket sales are final, and per European and Belgian laws, tickets for events are non-refundable. In some cases, however, you can sell your ticket on (see above).

Q // Can I bring my partner and/or kids?

A // Of course! The more, the merrier. We do not provide any form of daycare for kids, so as long as you keep them entertained and happy, we are fine. Bringing kids is at your own responsibility and everyone attending PlannerCon Europe requires a valid ticket. Nursing infants are welcome for free, but you may be asked to leave the speaker hall during keynotes or workshops if there is a (noise) disturbance. 

Q // Is the venue easily accessible for everyone?

A // The venue is accessible for everyone, young and old, abled or less abled. If you are in a wheelchair or have a stroller with you, there is an elevator from street level to the venue. Let us know by email ( if you need any additional information, assistance or have special requirements. We'll try our best to work it out for you!

Q // Where can I spend the night?

A // We've assembled a 'prefered hotels' list for you - places we personally love and trust. Check out the HOTELS page in the menu.

Q // Do we get a swag bag?

A // OF COURSE. You receive a wonderful swag bag with gifts from vendors & sponsors. be sure to thank them on social media! Please note: to receive a swag bag, you have to be present in person on the Saturday morning of the event. We cannot give out bags to people not attending. Your swag bag is a gift as a generous thank you from the vendors & sponsors for taking the time to check out their brand, products and promotions at PCE.