- Shopping area is open each day from 11AM until 5PM

- Speakers are scheduled each day from 11AM until 5 or 6 PM

- On Saturday, there's a 'mandatory' Welcome Session at 10 AM

- On Sunday, there's our Really Rad Raffle at 10AM - not mandatory, but you can't win anything if you're not there!

Because we wanted something that was deeper and more human than 'just' a trade show, we coordinated presentations, demos, and speakers to inspire, nourish, and entertain you.

We don't want to fill your day 100% with speakers - there's shopping and planning to be done! - but we've managed to create a schedule with informative, practical and creative speakers so you can balance your two days out perfectly and create your own 'itinerary' as you please.

Our preliminary program is available on this page. Please note that the speakers, demos and keynotes might switch days and the hour slots are not defined yet. But, it will give you a great idea on what to expect!



- Our very own Steve Morton, the 'Lord of the Rings' behind and 50% of the planner podcast The HitchHiker's Guide To The Plannerverse, entices you with his presentation about finding or creating the perfect organiser. Looking for #plannerpeace? This is the session you can't miss!

- Rebecca Jay, the wonderful lady behind the DodoPad inserts, lets you in on how she created her brand and what it's like being a women entrepreneur in the Plannerverse. Be sure to visit her talk to get inspired!

- Creative inspiration and up, close and personal product details with this first amazing demo/workshop from Prima Marketing on the #myprimaplanner products!

- Theresa Hall, flying in from the USA, gives us a crash course in Bullet Journalling. What is it, why is everyone going crazy over it and how can you incorporate it into your daily planning routine? And for those already BuJo'ing, what new techniques can be added to your existing BuJo? She already taught this session at PlannerCon USA and it was a huge success. Don't miss it!

- Judith Lang will teach a practical-hands on workshop about Time Management with Goal Setting. As any proper time management course will tell you, you need to carve out time to work towards your goals and dreams. However, many of us have no idea what exactly our goals and dreams are? You will receive helpful tips and fun assignments on how to find out what you value the most in life, and how you want to see this represented in your daily life (cue: your planner).





On the program for SUnday:

- Our international, amazing, inspirational and #plannerfamous ERIN CONDREN flying in from the USA! Buckle up for inspiration, motivation, a peek into her new products and an unforgettable first ever visit of her to Europe! Get your planners ready for autographs & be sure you charge your phone/camera - did I hear #meetandgreet?

- Second creative product demo/workshop from Prima Marketing on the #myprimaplanner products!

- Theresa Hall's second session is all about Art Journaling for the Non-Artist. As a published artist, Theresa is crazy about Hoonichi planners and uses them each year (several at once!) as art journals, regular journals and planners. Her art journal pages are to die for. But what about the non-artists among us? How can you start art journaling if you haven't got that ultra-creative DNA? Theresa shows us that there's an artist (and a journaler!) in everyone. 

- Judith Lang is back for part two: a workshop on Flow Writing! Flow Writing is an intuitive writing method that contributes to your personal growth and development. Everybody can do it, you only need pen and paper! Sometimes our brain is so overfilled with tasks, todo’s, thoughts, ideas, that we either lose track of them or we start to feel overwhelmed. For example: imagine you have this great idea. It’s new, daring and sounds like lots of fun. But you immediately hear those little nagging voices inside your head: “Forget it, you don’t have the money or time to do that!” or “You want what? You really think you have enough talent to pull that off?” And so you put those ideas away and let those negative voices win. Such a pity! With Flow Writing you will gain clarity and experience a feeling of freedom from your negative thoughts. P.S. Bring your favorite notebook and pen!